Campaign’s Terms & Conditions

Our company recognising the difficulties of our times and the economic crisis, decided to create a discount offer for genuine, new and unused spare parts for MAN engines, with the support and the cooperation of the importer MAN HELLAS S.A.
The discount offer will be valid until 31/08/2021.
At the recommended catalogues the prices and the quantities refer to one engine. The recommended spare parts are according to the maintenance program of the manufacturer company MAN Nürberg. Some differentations may arise according to the serial number of each engine. In every request, please send it to us.
In case you need help or price for a special part, which is not included in this offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.
All the spare parts which exist at the catalogues that follow are available in our warehouse in great stock, until their depletion.
The spare parts are accompanied by manufacturer’s warranty for two (2) years, according to terms and conditions of the manufacturer.
The lubricants are offered with price per litre. Their supply is in can of 20lt.
At the prices V.A.T. 24 % in not included.
The supply of the spare parts by our company is not also compalsory for the accomplishment of the corresponding work. We inform you though that there is also corresponding payment policy for the works.

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